Totally Rad-Quests

XXXtreme 80s Fun!

Can't wait to hear about your fav 80s tune! Typically, we play 1-2 requests per hour. If you see a song with a 'Red X', it means the artist or title was recently played. There's a max of one request per half hour, so everyone has a chance to rock out to their 80s jam. Thanks for listening!

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# Artist Title Duration Request
91 Billy Idol White Wedding 00:03:19 Request
92 Billy Joel Allentown 00:03:33 Requested
93 Billy Joel I Go To Extremes 00:04:02 Requested
94 Billy Joel It's Still Rock & Roll To Me 00:02:47 Requested
95 Billy Joel Pressure 00:03:13 Requested
96 Billy Joel Tell Her About It 00:03:32 Requested
97 Billy Joel The Longest Time 00:03:17 Requested
98 Billy Joel Uptown Girl 00:03:01 Requested
99 Billy Joel We Didn't Start the Fire 00:04:32 Requested
100 Billy Joel You May Be Right 00:03:53 Requested
101 Billy Joel You're Only Human (Second Wind) 00:04:02 Requested
102 Billy Ocean Caribbean Queen 00:03:28 Request
103 Billy Ocean Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car 00:03:58 Request
104 Billy Ocean Loverboy 00:03:39 Request
105 Billy Ocean Suddenly 00:03:45 Request
106 Billy Ocean There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry) 00:04:35 Request
107 Billy Ocean When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going 00:02:57 Request
108 Billy Squier Everybody Wants You 00:03:35 Request
109 Billy Squier My Kinda Lover 00:03:18 Request
110 Billy Squier The Stroke 00:03:35 Request
111 Billy Vera & The Beaters At This Moment 00:04:06 Request
112 Biz Markie Just A Friend 00:03:56 Request
113 Blondie Call Me 00:03:20 Request
114 Blondie Heart of Glass 00:03:07 Request
115 Blondie Rapture 00:03:27 Request
116 Blondie The Tide Is High 00:03:37 Request
117 Blue Oyster Cult Burnin' For You 00:03:38 Request
118 Bob Seger Old Time Rock And Roll 00:03:06 Request
119 Bob Seger Shakedown 00:03:49 Request
120 Bobby Brown Don't Be Cruel 00:04:25 Request

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